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If you want sparkle, but prefer an understated look, then marcasite gemstone jewellery may be perfect for you. These semi-precious stones are a type of mineral, which range in colour from silver-yellow to bright white silver. When faceted and set into jewellery, they create a subtle sparkling effect, rather than a full on glitz — perfect for adding a hint of shimmer. Above, a varied selection of vintage marcasites, harvested from old broken jewellery. Marcasites generally vary in size from approx 0. They are seriously tiny! Marcasites can be set into all types of jewellery, and were a popular gemstone to be used in art deco rings.

Marcasite Jewellery

Marvel Jewelry is a leading manufacturer and exporter of silver marcasite jewelry since Our factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We supply high quality silver jewelry to worldwide customers of all sizes including importers, wholesalers and retailers. Our main product is silver jewelry with marcasite and semi-precious stones including ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, bangle, pendant, sets and watches.

We have a full facility factory which allows us to produce jewelry entirely in-house.

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This is another piece that I had the opportunity to use recycled material and create another stunning piece – This stunning pendant is made from recycled sterling silver marcasite climbing vines and turquoise…. Log in to your Etsy account. Metal: Silver Metal Purity:. Please note that the item in the photographs may be larger or smaller in….

See related links to what you are looking for. Necklace online at Macys. Presented are a lovely vintage sterling marcasite and genuine pearl chandelier earrings. They are marked on the back of the clips. They measures 1.

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Dec 8. Posted by Jen McKercher. When appraising antique jewellery it is important that the appraiser circa date the piece. Circa dating means that the appraiser estimates the date that the piece was produced. The appraiser can then identify the piece as belonging to a specific period. How does an appraiser know this?

Jun 14, – Explore hemdi b’s board “Vintage Marcasite Jewelry”, followed by Size: /4″ x /4″ Approximate Date: s Hallmarks/signature: None.

As Jewelry Shopping Guide editors, we write about things that we love and we think you’ll like too. We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. Marcasite is a type of gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. Marcasite jewelry refers to the gemstone but it also means a type of jewelry — setting tiny pieces of pyrite in designs into silver.

Marcasite jewelry has a distinct look and is popular in vintage jewelry pieces. Marcasite gemstone.


Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or at the thrift shop. Whether you plan to keep the jewelry as a family heirloom or would like to resell it, a knowledge of vintage jewelry marks will help you to identify and date it properly. Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series.

It includes silver marks from many countries and you can access it here: Silver Marks.

Ideas for Choosing Jewelry for Your First Date Especially for the first date, no one wants to leave any stone unturned. P&K Jewelry is one of the world’s largest sources for Sterling Silver & Marcasite Jewelry wholesale.

Are you looking for jewelry that isn’t as loud as diamonds or as expensive? Maybe you want something that’s subtle, with a shine only if you pay attention. Marcasite is the stone for you. It’s more subtle than other stones, with an almost Halloween-like elegance. It pairs beautifully with shining sterling silver or adds contrast to brighter stones. You’ve likely seen marcasite pieces too, many people think of it as “costume jewelry”.

If it’s done cheaply or the gem is fake, it gives off too brassy of a glow. Quality Marcasite Jewelry is family-heirloom quality. Learn about this semi-precious gem choice below. It’s metallic, green-yellow, brassy, but holds shine like other reflective stones. It’s related to the gem pyrite, which is often called fools gold. Don’t think that makes this stone less valuable, though.

The History of Marcasite Jewellery

Marcasite Jewelry is like any other jewelry in that it can either be high end or very low end. There is even two types of jewelry that can be confused with Marcasite. Knowing a bit more about it will permit you to make better choices when a piece catches your eye. So, what is Marcasite?

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Used with permission. Marcasite has a long history of use as a decorative and jewelry material. However, this brassy colored, metallic stone is quite brittle and seldom seen in modern jewelry. The Ancient Greeks made jewelry from marcasite. The Incas of South America polished large slabs of it as decorative objects. Gem cutters in the Victorian Era faceted this material into stones with flat backs.

This popular style was known as the flattened-rose cut. Jewelry makers set them in white metal settings, such as rhodium-plated silver. Nevertheless, much of the material found in these antique jewelry pieces is actually pyrite , a dimorph or polymorph of marcasite. These minerals share the same chemistry but have different crystal habits.

For a time, they even shared the same name. Miners called common crystallized pyrite gemstones marcasites until the 19 th century. Licensed under CC By 2. Marcasites leave a greenish black streak.

Dating Brooch Fasteners – 1850 to 1910

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Delightful marcasite kangaroo brooch, height 3 cm.

Jul 3, – Sterling Silver Marcasite and Turquoise Heart Necklace found on Read First Date from the story Out of My League by miacooper80 (Mia) with.

One of the best ways to avoid reproductions and fakes is to know and understand how originals are made. Reproductions are rarely made the same as originals due to changes in materials, labor costs and modern production techniques. When looking at brooches, you can get a good idea of the age of the piece by studying the catches, hinges and pins Fig.

For the purposes of our discussion we are going to use the words “brooch” to mean the decorative, ornamental piece. The word “pin” will refer to the pointed piece of metal that pierces the clothing. The “hinge” is the assembly that allows the pin to pivot. The “catch” is the piece or mechanism that holds the fastener at the pointed end opposite the hinge. Pins, hinges, catches and other non-decorative pieces such as jump rings, latches, etc.

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